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Best Photoshop Plugins for Web Designers

Photoshop plugins (extensions) will increase the ability to help you design, steamline your workflow and make you better work experience.

Following are the some best Photoshop plugins



FlatIcon plugin to quickly find the vector icons you need for your design, without leaving your working environment in Photoshop, This plugin have arround 73,960 icons available for you! And 299420 number of designers are using this. Just search for the icons you need, select the ones you like the most and use them in vector format, so you can customize them in any way you want. As simple as that!



QuickGuide plugin helps you to draw guidelines in Photoshop. QuickGuide provides 12 presets for easy addition of guides on one side, two adjacent sides, or all sides of each object. Other features it carries include toggle locking guides and visibility, deleting entire guides or selected ones, and copy-pasting guides.



Hexy provides you a quicker way to obtain Hex and RGB color code. With this plugin, you can use the eyedropper tool and simply click on the color of the image you want to pick up, and Hexy automatically copies the color to the clipboard for you. That way you can immediately paste it to use it in CSS. It’s a handy tool for color-picking.

Size Marks


Size Marks is a helpful Photoshop script for web designers and front-end developers.



Oven is a nifty plugin that helps you better manage your assets. Photoshop’s Generator allows us to export images in real time but you will have to rename all your layers in order to generate the image correctly and with a proper name. Oven eliminates that hassle.

More plugin will be added soon…(also you can suggest plugin by comment below)

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